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foto: pexels.com
foto: pexels.com

Increasing amount of digitised content is a very promising fact. It promises a wide and easy access to digitised pictures of valuable content and artefacts. But reality shows us it may be contrary – we encounter problems searching digitised content. Metadata aggregating services solve the problem. Splendid example of such is Europeana providing universal access to European digital cultural heritage resources. Locally we may know digital libraries metadata aggregators, such as Polish FBC (Federation of Digital Libraries). Very functional they have limitation, though. They provide access to limited, in terms of formats, sources. Organisations aiming towards digital transformation face a new challenge – combining variety of available digital content formats. An attempt to address problem of access to different digital resources in a Leopoldina online platform.

Developed by University of Wroclaw (UWr), in cooperation with PSNC – Polish national meta data aggregator for Europeana, it aims to aggregate and deliver digital resources of various UWr units. In current paper we present goals of the project, short description of different digital resources available, metadata handling and common, universal search engine design.