A new terminology for technology Assisted language learning (TALL)

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The use of terms concerning certain stages in computer assisted language learning has by today in retrospect and in reflecting the period become obsolete or at best inaccurate. It is our opinion that a new, more precise and up to date terminology is needed that reflects a better understanding of those technologies which assist language learning in the given period. Therefore it is necessary to present and lay out a new terminology that shows the
terms of the single periods according to the particular technology most characteristic in their application. The new terminology to be introduced will try to describe (and thus represent) the different progressive stages in a way that the names at the same time accurately reflect the typical and important technological approach in the area
of informatics assisted language learning.

This paper analyses the role of digital technology as a means in language learning. We are looking for clues as well as facts to discover how the application of such possibilities could, from the beginning to this day, make foreign language learning more efficient. It is important to note, however, that this paper investigates language learning,
especially individual language learning (apart from a few exceptions), assisted by digital technology. The use and role of these technologies in institutionalized language learning is a subject of separate research, it is dealt with only marginally in certain cases when it has relevance. It is also important to note that the application of digital technologies in learning or education in some cases cannot be sharply separated since such digital educational means often serve-beyond illustration – in a direct or indirect way the support of learning.

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