Beyond technology: The future and changing nature of Human (Work)


Technological revolution brings great and complex changes that alter almost every aspect of human lives – work, leisure time, relationships, understanding of the self, nature and the universe. Breakthroughs in the fields like biotechnology, AI, robotics, nanotechnology, Big Data, IoT, and others impact human economy and society bringing structural changes manifested in the form of various and hybrid economic and business models, versatile employment and labour market rules, as well as transformable relationships and emotional and cognitive states that will further influence human attention, reasoning and decision making. This changing nature built into all things together with technological evolution and industrial revolution of modern day society makes the future even more vague, uncertain and thus more open to questions – What will the future of work look like?, How will automation and robotization influence the labour market?, What will it mean to be human?, How will algorithm-driven artificial systems shape human emotions and cognition?, How will society answer all the challenges?, etc. Though technological, economic and social changes are becoming more sophisticated and interdependent, as well as faster and more extreme, it is the duty of every individual, institution/corporation and society to secure the smooth transition to yet another era in human history where fluctuations of human work and identity can happen with more awareness, more calm and more balance. And maybe it is our duty to look for the answers to the former questions in a more silent, humble, conscious, empathic and considerate place – that beyond technology.

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