Open Science and Horizon 2020

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The article provides an introduction to open science and why it is important; highlights open access to publications mandate and Open Research Data Pilot in the Horizon 2020; and features open reproducible projects and tools. All projects receiving Horizon 2020 funding are required to make their peer reviewed publications resulting from the project available in open access and the article explains how open access should be provided. “As open as possible, as closed as necessary” is an underlying theme of the Open Research Data Pilot that aims to make the research data generated by Horizon 2020 projects accessible with as few restrictions as possible, while at the same time protecting sensitive data from inappropriate access. The article explains how to make data open and how to write a Data Management Plan. To address the issue of low reproducibility of research results and data loss and to improve the rigor and credibility of research, the articles highlights open science innovations, such as preregistration – making commitments to the design and analysis plan in advance of knowing the outcomes; lists tools for sharing methods and materials, notebooks and codes; and promotes the productive use of preprints.