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The role of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) in Supporting Open Science Implementation: the Case of Strathclyde

Autor: Pablo de Castro
Číslo: 5/2018 - Špeciál 2018
Rubrika: Hlavné články/ Main Articles
Kľúčové slová: open access, Research Data Managment, Open Science, Research Information Managment, Scholarly Communications , Current Research Information System (CRIS), Institutional case studies


CRIS systems are playing an increasingly relevant role in the implementation of Open Access and Research Data Management (RDM) policies at research-performing  organisations. This is not just because of the deep insight these systems provide into the workflows that underpin the institutional research activity, but also because they allow an effective teamworking across institutional research support units, which critically include research libraries.

This article describes the way the institutional Pure CRIS is used at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow to support the implementation of Open Science in collaboration with the researchers themselves and with the institutional Research Office.
In terms of training, which is in itself an important and often challenging part of the effort towards Open Science implementation, the key objective is to make researchers aware that all the seemingly independent processes they’re being asked to carry out on top of their research activity are interconnected and are part of the same drive towards openness and digital science.

Finally, the paper describes the international collaboration networks for the realisation of Open Science that the University of Strathclyde is involved in and some of the areas where this cross-institutional collaboration is taking place.


The role of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) in Supporting Open Science Implementation: the Case of Strathclyde  

P De Castro (2018), "The role of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) in supporting Open Science implementation: the case of Strathclyde". ITlib.Informačné technológie a knižnice Special Issue 2018: pp 21 - 30


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