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Description Schema of Posters

Autor: Márgit Némethi - Takács
Číslo: 3/2018 - ---
Rubrika: Bibliografia / Bibliography
Kľúčové slová: bibliografia

Since the first appearance of the electronic libraries more and more electronic collections have been built in the World Wide Web, where such documents come into prominence that do not have independency, not even in public libraries. Posters also belong to this group. In order that the digitized poster collections could be operated efficiently the use of metadata is essential because with their help the electronic documents can be successfully arranged and retrieved. So far metadata standard has not been constructed for the cataloguing of posters. In this research study the Poster Metadata Description Schema (PoMeDS) will be presented that we have developed. The metadata elements of (printed and digitized) posters can be described by this XML-based schema. As an XMLbased schema, PoMeDS makes use of hierarchical container elements to group sub-elements or similar kinds of information belonging to the same area. It uses attributes to further refine or define the values contained by certain elements.

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