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Diversity of Film Collections in Eastern European Public Libraries

Autori: Mirko Duić; Mihaela Anđić; Matea Kotarac
Číslo: 4/2016 -
Rubrika: Knižnice / Libraries
Kľúčové slová: knižnice, akvizícia knižničných fondov

In this paper we explored the extent of diversity of film collections of Eastern European public libraries in these cities: Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Ljubljana, Cluj, Zagreb. The catalogue records analysis method was used to determine the country of film origin, the year of film production and the type of the film in the sample of 600 films from these libraries. Research results have established that the most common films in libraries are recently made feature films from USA. All analysed libraries have very small number of films from other Eastern European countries. Also, some of these libraries have very small number of domestic films – films that were made in the country in which library is situated. For example, there is only one domestic film in the sample of films from Zagreb and
Ljubljana libraries.

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