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Trustworthy Digital Preservation Repositories: an Introduction

Autor: Sibyl Schaefer
Číslo: 2/2016 - Digitálne dáta - uchovávanie, digitalizácia, manažment digitálnych objektov, digitálny objekt
Rubrika: Digitalizácia / Digitalization
Kľúčové slová:

Trustworthy Digital Preservation Repositories: an Introduction

Today, the vast majority of information is created and maintained in digital form. Digital preservation is the set of processes by which this information can be made accessible over time. Digital preservation is not just a technological challenge; stewards of digital materials need not just technical systems that will preserve the materials over time, but also organizational and financial frameworks that will ensure their persistence. Challenges include not only storage media that fails or software that becomes obsolete; organizations are susceptible to economic downturns and employee turnover. Safeguards need to be in place to ensure that even in worst case scenarios, digital preservation activities will persist.

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