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The Slovak website about Open Access (OA)


The Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) as the National Reference Point for Open Access Policy of the European Commission for Slovak Republic has a mandate to deal with and address issues of Open Access to research results on national level. Major tasks in this area include: coordination of the measures set out in the European Commission´s Recommendations („Access and preservation of scientific and technical information”), cooperation with the European Commission in the exchange of experiences and in creating common principles, standards and implementing measures within the European Research Area and cooperation with the European Commission on the implementation of the Recommendations (Open Access, národný referenčný bod..., 2017).

In order to address these tasks systematically and efficiently, in the first half of 2016 SCSTI create an Open Access Contact Office, which was incorporated in March 2017 into the newly established Department of Open Science and Research Support of the Scientific Library within the new organizational structure of SCSTI.

The establishment of the Contact Office and the fulfillment of its tasks resulted for SCSTI as well from the Open Government Partnership Action Plan of the Slovak Republic 2017 – 2019, which was approved by the Slovak Government on March, 2017.

The main tasks of the Open Access Contact Office, beside the above-mentioned tasks, are:

  • enhancing and expanding awareness of Open Access, especially among researchers, but also among general public,
  • the development of cooperation between actors in open science and open publishing process,
  • ensuring the systematic fulfillment of the tasks resulting from the international projects we are members of – OpenAIRE 2020, SCOAP3, as well as others that arise in this area during the period of operation of the Contact Office (Kontaktná kancelária pre Open Access CVTI SR, 2017).

An inherent part of the Open Access Contact Office's activity is in particular to assist scientists and researchers, publishers, contributors, repository administrators, librarians, and others interested in OA issues and to provide them besides  theoretical mainly practical help, especially in the field of open access publishing.

To better understand these issues and to support activity, SCSTI within the Contact Office has developed and launched the Open Access website ( in April this year.

The aim of the website is to inform the general public about the issues related to Open Access, but in particular to provide assistance and support to scientists and publishers in their efforts to publish through Open Access.

The website is also intended for librarians whose role is to inform and provide assistance and support in the area of Open Access to information and also to many others who want or need to expand their knowledge in this area.

Along with the general information, the site offers information about Initiatives that have been developed to support OA and to introduce OA policies into national policies, information about OA publishing, as well as the related risks (predatory journals, predatory publishers, etc.), copyright issues, research lifecycle and research data, as well as practical information for authors and publishers, list of Slovak OA journals and links to OA repositories registers. It´s also possible to find here information about the Open Access Contact Office, Action plan and OA projects to which the SCSTI was or is involved within the solving of related issues. The site also provides information about upcoming events related to Open Access and Open Science and offers links to other interesting websites related to this area.

The OA website will soon bring up-to-date information about the events being prepared by the Open Access Contact Office in the fall of this year - specifically the forthcoming OpenAIRE National Workshop, which will focus on the OpenAIRE2020 project and its support for Horizon 2020 in Open Access publishing, as well as the Open Access and Open Science issues globally. The workshop will also open the Open Access Week in Slovakia.

Open Access Week is an international week dedicated to Open Access and is an opportunity for both - the general public and the professional community to learn basic and specific information about Open Access, about its contribution to the individual and society and many other useful information. This year will take place in the week of October 23-29.

Another up-to-date information will be the OA course, accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, which SCSTI plans to launch at the end of this year. The course will be designed especially for librarians, information specialists, scientists, publishers, as well as other interested persons, who need to expand their knowledge in this area.

It will be based on the UNESCO's Open Access Curriculum and will consist of four separate modules:

  •  Introduction to Open Access
  •  Open Access Infrastructure
  •  Resource Optimization
  •  Interoperability and Retrieval

After successful completion of the course, each participant obtains a certificate valid in the Slovak Republic.


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