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How to transform the Library into a Public Space

Autor: Marit Egaas
Číslo: 3/2017 -
Rubrika: Knižnice / Libraries
Kľúčové slová: knižnice, používatelia knižníc, knihovnícka profesia

Sølvberget is a library and cultural centre situated in the heart of Stavanger. To succeed today a library must fulfil many different roles, and we depend on a good interaction between location, design, architecture and events/activities. One of Sølvberget’s major roles is to serve as a meeting place. In Stavanger, we collaborated with KAP Architectsto transform the ground floor. Our aim was to be bold and innovative in creating a new kind of public space. This is the story of what we’ve done, and how the public has made use of it.

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